Are you or your dog an exhibitionist?

All pedigree dogs are welcome to come to ringcraft, although it is not a replacement for obedience classes.

As dogs can be shown from 6 months old, you can start ringcraft classes as soon as your puppy is ready to go out.

Every session varies - sometimes there are a lot of dogs, other times just a few - but we are quite a successful club - on the website we have our recent results, including Crufts, on our Ringcraft Achievements page.

There is no waiting list to join ringcraft group, as we don't have a limit on spaces. This does mean that the weekly numbers may vary. If you have never attended ringcraft classes before, please do let the trainer know.

Class Times

Tuesday Evening
Venue - Hillcrest Hall
Trainer - Adrienne Thomas
Times - 7:30pm - 9:30pm